Button Bag Making Machine


Button Bag Making Machine


  1. It is the multi-purpose file folder making machine. You can get 11 holes sheet protector, L shape folder, Book cover, Button envelope, customized folder by this machine. For the first investment, it is very good choose to buy one machine to run all item.
  2. Button bag making machine process: The machine is equipped in-line button riveting machine, you don’t need to do the second production to put the button on the file folder.
  3. This unit uses special cutter and sealer to do synchronous action to ensure the size of the data bag be uniform, the sealing line be neat and elegant and the waste ratio may get down to the minimum.
  4. This unit may choose to use all kinds of precision and durable punching mold with very low breakdown rate, and may match servo motor and digital computing unit for length control to make very precise punching position which is uneasy to run off.
  5. This unit uses high quality, high performance parts to incorporate with all kinds of control and monitor systems. During operation, anything unusual may automatically stop the machine with alarm to avoid waste material and to protect the machine.
  6. The sealing equipment is of special design which may enable the data pocket to be in different specifications and types, the purpose of application covers a wide range.


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Model MGA-70B-700SPHW
Feed material PP, PE, OPP
Effective cutting width 150 - 600 mm
Effective cutting length 90 - 550 mm
Single layer film thickness 0.035 - 0.1 mm
Output (1) My Clear Bag (A4) : 30 - 50 pcs/min
(2) L shape file (E310 ) : 30 - 50 pcs/min
(3) Book Cover : 50 - 100 pcs/min
(4) Sheet protector : 50 - 100 pcs/min
(5) Q310 file : 60 - 70 pcs/min
Machine dimension 11,000 (L) × 1,350 (W) × 1,700 (H) mm
Machine weight 8,500 kg
Required power 8.5 kw
Remarks As we continuously keep working on research and improvement, we preserve the right to change all of the specifications, design and characteristics on this catalogue without notice.