Auto. Paper Feeding and Pocket Sealing Machine


Auto. Paper Feeding and Pocket Sealing Machine


  1. Special designed for the labeling part of the hard cover. The standard machine can do “U” shape sealing with the paper loading automatically.
  2. The pocket is sealed by heating mold.
  3. Machine is equipped Electrostatic charging generator which imported from USA.
  4. Inserting the paper by operator is difficult job, the factory can save the labor cost and get high output from MING JILEE machine.
  5. The optional equipment allow factory to produce the triangle pocket on the clip file, display book, clear book.


swipe your finger

Model MGA-68F-550A
Feed material Pocket film material, Paper and hard cover
Pocket sealing size range 100 - 330 mm (H) x 100 - 240 mm (W)
Sheet size range 300 - 340 mm (H) x 240 - 580 mm (W)
Output 10 - 15 pcs/min (depend on pocket size)
Machine dimension 4,200 (L) x 3,700 (W) x 2,000 (H) mm
Optional equipment (1) The complete mold for triangle pocket
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