Universal Twin Line Sheet Protector Machine


Universal Twin Line Sheet Protector Machine


MGA-17A-700BS is special design for the factory to use less machine cost to produce plenty plastic sheet protector, punched pocket, pp file folder, pp stationery folder. Machine is equipped the precise punching mold to produce 11 punching mold to get the high quality product. The white strip is welded by high quality ultrasonic welding system.

* MGA-17A-700BS Machine Features*

  1. The unwinding device of Universal Twin Lines Sheet Protector Machine is equipped the edge position controller to get precise position.
  2. The ultrasonic welding device is to weld the white strip.
  3. The logo stamp of pp sheet protector, plastic folder is equipped the good design to get 2 stamping at same time.
  4. The 2 rows of 11 holes punching station is latest design to punch perfect quality of hole shape to get best quality of sheet protector.
  5. The bottom of pp sheet protector, pp plastic folder is sealed by heat sealing.
  6. The up and down collecting is able to collect the finished product perfectly with already counted quantity.


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Model MGA-17A-700BS
Feed material IPP (Blown Film)
Single layer film thickness 0.035 - 0.1 mm
Effective cutting width 150 - 600 mm
Effective cutting length 90 - 550 mm
Output 60 - 100 x 2 pcs/min
Machine Dimension 6,613 (L) x 1,653 (W) x 1,767 (H) mm
Machine Weight 2,815 kg
Required Power 8 KW