Single Line Sheet Protector Machine


Single Line Sheet Protector Machine


Single Line Sheet Protector Machine is the Stationery Folder solutions to produce sheet protector, punched pocket for PP material.

  1. The white strip design full automatic. the auto connecting system is saving the time for reloading the new white ribbon.
  2. The precise punching mold is latest design to get high speed production.
  3. Stable heat sealing station to get good sealing quality on the bottom of sheet protector .


swipe your finger

Model MGA-17A-700SPH
Effective Cutting Width 150 - 600 mm
Effective Cutting Length 90 - 550 mm
Single Layer Film Thickness 0.035 - 0.1 mm
Output 60 - 120 pcs/min
Machine Dimension 6,270 (L) × 1,540 (W) × 1,770 (H) mm
Machine Weight 3,100 kg
Required Power 5 kw