Melt Blow Extrusion Line


Melt Blow Extrusion Line


The PP Melt Blown Fabric Extrusion Line is equipped

  1. High efficient AC motor with direct driven gear box motor.
  2. Huge hot air tank for collecting the enough hot air to produce the high filtration melt blown fabric.
  3. USA Made Electrostatic Charging System for high filtration melt blown fabric.
  4. The touch panel to control the linear speed, temp of extruder and air frequency.
  5. Friction type winder with in-line slitting device.

Machine Performance

PP Melt Blown Fabric Extrusion Line designs for producing High filtration efficiency melt blown fabric.

  1. The linear speed of 25 GSM is 25 – 30 meter/min.
  2. the output is 1500 – 2000 kg/day.
  3. BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency): 95% up with 3 layers medical mask.
  4. PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency): 90 % up by 1 layer 25 GSM, 0.3 um partical with 32 liter/min flow.


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Model MGB-PPMB-1600
Oil Free Air Compressor More 132 kw
High Heat Furnace For Cleaning Melt Blow Die
Ultrasonic Cleaner For Cleaning Melt Blow Die
Finished Width 1,600 mm
Extruder Output 1,500 - 2,000 kg/day
Acceptance Test Run
a. 3 Layers Medical Mask Testing BFE 99 % up
b. 25 GSM Single Layer By 0.3 um, 32 Liter/Min Flow Test PFE 90 % up
Machine Dimension 10,800 (L) x 5,500 (W) x 3,800 (H) mm
Whole Plant Power Preparation 450 kw
Actual Consumption with Air Compressor 350 kw