Internal Flat Handle Bag Making Machine



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Model INH-450C-518
Paper Roll Width Range 750 - 1310mm (690-1310mm without handles)
Max. Paper Roll Diameter ≤1500mm
Material Core Diameter 3inch (76mm)
Paper Thickness 70-160gsm
Tube Length 368 - 762mm (with handle inside bag or without handle)
368 - 662mm (flat handle stand up )
Bag Body Width 240 - 450mm (210-450mm without handle)
Bottom Size 120 to 260mm
*Max. Speed Without handle: 80 - 130 bags/min
With handle: 80 - 120 bags/min
Total Power 31kw
*Weight of Machine ≈25000kg
Overall Dimension L16,100 mm xW4,500 mm x H 2,800 mm
Main Technical for Flat handle unit a. Paper Thickness (Flat Handle)
b. Paper Thickness (Handle Paper Patch)
c. Handle Paper Patching Roll Diameter
d. Handle Material Core Diameter
e. Handle Paper Patching Reel Width

Bottom Folding design
Handle size range A: Flat Handle Height: 100 mm
B: Paper Patching Width: 52 mm
C: Paper Patching Length: 170 mm
D: Internal Flat Handle Pitch: 109 mm
E: Internal Flat Handle Width: 16 mm