Insulated Box Liner Making Machine


Insulated Box Liner Making Machine


  1. Insulated Box Liner / Metalized Bubble Box Mailer Making Machine features the best sealing design for achieving the most secure and robust seals.
  2. The high quality Japanese servo motor (2 sets) to control the precise of bag size.
  3. Using special design of V-shaped punching and sealing to create a square bottom for easy transformation into a box shape.
  4. Machine offers multiple length, adaptable to various packaging sizes. It provides versatility and flexibility, accommodating different product requirements effortlessly.
  5. Automated Production: With advanced automation capabilities, our machine streamlines production processes, saving on labor costs and significantly increasing production speed. This empowers you to meet market demands more effectively while maintaining consistent quality.


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Model MGA-47D-900V
Feed Material Laminated Bubble Film
Max. Feeding Width On Unwinder 1,800 mm
Effective Bag Width (Open) 80 -1295 mm
Effective Bag Length (Including Bottom Gusset) 200-850 mm
Effective Bottom Gusseting Depth Max. 200 mm
Output 15 -45 pcs/min