Hot Needle Perforation Machine


Hot Needle Perforation Machine


  1. It is very high speed hot needle perforation machine. The max. speed go up to 150 meter/min.
  2. The whole hot needle perforating system is closed system to make sure the hot air energy is remaining in the area. For this reason, the heating consumption isn’t too much. 
  3. The hot needle pin is imported from Europe. it is very high quality needle. 
  4. We design the high precise Edge position controller and fully automatic tension controller to make sure when machine is running 150 meter/min, the buyer can still get very high quality of film. 
  5. The hot needle perforation machine is allow customer to run BOPP, CPP, PE. For the thin PE material, the buyer can switch off the heating system to mark the small holes on the film. 
  6. MING JILEE design the special holding shaft, when operator complete the roll, then they can take out the roll very easily. 


swipe your finger

Model MGR-HPR-1000
Unwind width 300 - 1000 mm
Unwind diameter Max. 600 mm
Rewind width 300 - 1000 mm
Rewind diameter 600 mm (Max.)
Pin design customized (min pitch is 2 × 2 mm)
Paper core 3”
Machine speed 60 - 130 m/min (depend on material and design)
Slitting function (Max 3 rolls on shaft)
Machine dimension 4,200 (L) × 2,150 (W) × 1,960 (H) mm
Machine weight 4000 kg
Required power 24.5 kw