Fully Auto. Mylar Index Divider Machine with Packing System


Fully Auto. Mylar Index Divider Machine with Packing System


  1. Applicable material : Paper, PVC, PP.
  2. Machine design : with auto E.P.C, edge trimming Device, first sheet and tap hot stamping, changeable punching tool and auto pamphlet inserting unit, index divider auto-packaging.
  3. This machine uses automatic servo motor for computer digital length control which is easy of operation, consistent product specification, nice external quality look.
  4. In the process of manufacturing, form the very beginning of the whole roll raw material to automatic edge lining, edge modification, gold stamping, punching, cutting, auto-packaging, auto counting, etc., all are completed automatically.
  5. This machine may choose to use all kinds of precise and durable punching mold to ensure low breakdown rate. Besides, it matches high technology electronic control to make the punching position very precise, not easy to run off.
  6. This machine uses high quality, high efficient spare parts to match all kinds of control and monitor systems. This will enable the machine to automatic stop if there is any problem happened in the process of operation. Also, it will work with alarm to avoid wasting raw material and protect the machine.
  7. Available size of product: A4, A3.

Mylar Part

  1. Adapting high quality and multi-color printing film to match servo motor digital computer control in order to reach automatic color-dividing. All set finishes one time and including auto. Packing.
  2. The colorful film can be stamped by auto. hot stamping and can change type anytime.
  3. Colorful printing film is designed and made by our company. It has many types, low cost and high efficiency.


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Model MGA-56MP-700
Feed material Paper, PVC, PP
Effective cutting width 150 - 364 mm
Effective cutting lenght 150 - 295 mm
Single layer film thickness 0.06 - 0.20 mm
Output (1) Mylar divider : 15 - 30 pcs/min
(2) Index divider : 50 -100 pcs/min
Machine dimension
11,800 (L) × 4,650 (W) × 1,800 (H) mm
Net weight 4,660 kg
Required power 12 kw
Optional equipment (1) Printing wheels ( Depend on client’s request ) :1 pc
(2) Thermal edge laminating unit : 1
Remarks As we continuously keep working on research and improvement, we preserve the right to change all of the specifications, design and characteristics on this catalogue without notice.