Fully Auto. Clear Holder Machine (Sheet Feeding Type)


Fully Auto. Clear Holder Machine (Sheet Feeding Type)


  1. The machine is designed especially for the off-set printed material.
  2. Manufacturing of the L shape folder is fully automatic, from sheet material feeding → center folding → ultrasonic welding → become the finished product.
  3. This machine is equipped the servo motor and digital computing unit for length control to make very precise size.


swipe your finger

Model MGA-40D-600
Feed material
PP Sheet (already die cut)
Effective Size A4
Single Layer Film Thickness 0.12 - 0.25 mm
Output 13 - 20 pcs/min
Machine dimension 2,100 (L) × 1,700 (W) × 2,100 (H) mm
Machine weight 1,850 kg
Required power 4 kw
Remarks As we continuously keep working on research and improvement, we preserve the right to change all of the specifications, design and characteristics on this catalogue without notice.