Calendar Assembling Machine



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Model MGA-93-1200
Feed material a.Paper core size : 400 - 725 (L) × I.D. 12.7 × O.D. 17.5 mm

b.The calendar of paper :
   b-1.The weight of paper : 90 - 120 Gsm2
   b-2.The width of paper (unfold) : 400 - 725 mm
   b-3.The length of paper (unfold) : 660 - 1024 mm

c.Plug : Max. Dia. - min. or equal outer dia. of the paper tube

Output Max. 7 pcs/ min
Calendar winding station
(winding result can be both side or single side)
AC motor × 2 set
Collecting type Chain Convey
Finished product take out by manual Including auto. counting alarm function
The paper unwinding station 1 set
a.Auto. up and down adjust speed device : 1 set, AC driving motor.
b.Sucker type feed paper device : 1 set, feed paper type-pneumatic Convey
c.Paper covey type : Pneumatic conveying
Auto. Spray glue machine 1 set (brand: Nordson)
a.Auto. Spray gun : 2 sets (spray gun by twin lines spread out)
Auto. Paper tube material 2 sets, with auto upper tube device and roll paper function and no tube alarm control
Auto. Plug inserting station a.Vibration feeding type : 4 sets, with material end alarm control
Auto string inserting system a.Hang string unwinding device : 1 set
b.Servo motor string feeding device : 1 Set
c.Pneumatic thermo cutting device : 1 Set