Auto. Ruler Feeding and Packing Machine


Auto. Ruler Feeding and Packing Machine


  1. Manufacturing of the packing system for ruller is fully automatic, from material feeding → ultrasonic dotting → hanging hole punching → packed product feeding → heat side sealing to become the packed product.
  2. Each unwinding device is equipped with the edge position controller to make sure the position of the feed material remains precise.
  3. This machine is equipped with various precision and durable punching molds with a very low breakdown rate, connecting to the servo motor and digital computing unit for length control to allow a very precise punching position.


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Model MGA-68C-400
Wrap material PE, PP, BOPP
Ruler packing size 311 (L) × 35 (W) × 3 (H) mm
Output 14 - 20 pcs/min
Machine dimensions 5,100 (L) x 2,100 (W) x 1,700 (H) mm
Machine weight 1,750 kg
Required power 4.5 kw
Optional equipment (1) Adhesive tape unwinding device : 1
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